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Screen Printing involves creating a stencil, known as a screen, and then using that screen to apply ink on the printing surface. Each individual color is applied using a different screen, one at a time, combined to achieve the final look. The more colors a design has, the more screens that are needed, and the more setup time required which is why multi color prints are more expensive.


Embroidery has always been a important part of corporate and business apparel, and we pride ourselves on our quality, selection and price. With our good friend and colleague having 6 machines and 30 heads (trust us, that's a lot!), we are here to help with whatever your needs are. Whether you are looking for embroidered polos for a bachelor party, your company logo embroidered on some aprons for an employee picnic, or some embroidered hats for an business swag store - let us put our teams expertise and service to work for you!

Direct to FILM (DTF)

Direct To Film otherwise known as "DTF" is a digital printing process that is perfect for multi-color designs at small volumes. With this digital printing process, we can print the full CYMK color gamut. Design the shirt if your dreams and come get it printed with us!

Promotional products

If you are looking to do a giveaway or run a promotional campaign with items included, we can help guide you in the right direction. We can make almost anything for you from pens to keychains to cups! (We could keep this list going but you get the point)


Our promotional product website is here! Click "browse" below to search through thousands of different promotional products we offer.



If your business is lacking an awesome online presence then we can only promise one thing. You're missing out! We can help you build or rebuild an awesome website to showcase what you're great at! After all, you probably deserve a ton of recognition and a solid website will help with that!


Online Stores are perfect for fundraising, company/corporate stores, and more!

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Fulfillment is something we prioritize. If you need fulfillment services directly to your customer we can help you save costs and fulfill the product for you. With access to awesome pricing with our USPS Partnership, shipping prices to your end consumer will be cheaper and still very profitable!


Something every business or brand needs. We take branding very serious at Maryland Print House (It did take us 4 weeks to get a name. *Worth It*) If you need any branding services from logo design to custom designed email marketing, we do it in-house and are tentative to every detail to meet your expectations.



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