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New Windsor - 2012

Maryland Print House's story began in the summer of 2012 when a sophomore in high school started building his brand Modern Wave Apparel. Founder and CEO Hunter Strine was eager to learn how to screenprint to cut costs and be more creative. Hunter and his father (mostly his father) built their first press out of wood and hinges. Although Modern Wave was short lived, he continued learning and progressing in the trade.

In 2014 MyCrazyTees was born. Hunter was hard at work alongside high school friend Robby Dunworth printing shirts for other companies. Due to the volume and tired of driving 2 and a half hours home every weekend from college (Frostburg State), Hunter purchased a building in Cumberland, MD with a loan from his Grandfather to handle the amount of work coming in. During this time period Hunter sparked a new idea and Creators Label was born. Running both companies was extremely difficult and Creators Label ultimatley absorbed MyCrazyTees.

Cumberland - 2016

Creators Label, founded in July of 2016 was an overnight success and is still operating to this date. Hunter dropped out of college and pursued Creators Label full-time. Creators Label provides merchandising services for Celebrities and helps them build their brands. The only issue was having to outsource our screenprinting and embroidery work due to the high volume Creators Label was bringing in.

Hunter also Co-Founded Every Locker with his cousin Andrew Boone which provides a full service e-commerce and printing service for schools.

Manchester - 2018

In December of 2017 Maryland Print House was founded. MDPH was initially created to cut our sister companies cost by manufacturing in-house. At the same time, we also wanted to provide our services to local businesses or customers outside of celebrities and schools. So we did just that.

Using technology we are able to provide a streamlined service to our customers. This includes an online designer with the ability to save your designs, the option to purchase your custom goods entirely online, and the power of seeing every step of your order along the way.

Westminster - 2023

Due to your overwhelming support and our awesome team, we were fortunate enough to move into our state of the art manufacturing faciltiy. At 10,000 sqft - We have room for all the latest and greatest advancements in our industry. This purchase allowed us to install our new automatic ROQ Next, which allows for more colors to be screenprinted. This also allowed each department to have a home. This feels like the beginning again. We're just getting started.

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If there is one thing I can promise. I promise you that we will work harder than any other company to meet your every need. I grew up working 24 hour days to make this happen for not only myself, but for my team and anyone that has the opportunity to work with us. We WILL deliver on time and perfectly execute each and every job precisely. If we do not fulfill your order under these circumstances, we will absolutley make it right and that order will be on us.

Hunter Strine
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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